Command Staff


Chief Medaria Arradondo

COS Rondo

Chief Medaria Arradondo is the 53rd Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department. He joined the MPD in 1989 as a patrol officer in the 4th Precinct and worked his way up the ranks before being appointed the Inspector of the First Precinct in 2013. He also served as a School Resource Officer, Northside beat officer, the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief, before being nominated as Chief by the mayor in 2017. Chief Arradondo actively sits on several community boards and is a member of several national and international police associations.  Arradondo is a courageous public servant, and change agent with a demonstrated talent for building mutually-respectful and trusting relationships with community members and professional policing teams. He served as MPD’s liaison for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice organization, overseeing the execution of initiatives on procedural justice, implicit bias, and reconciliation training. His work has helped positively transforming the MPD culture, and position the Department as a national leader in police service excellence.


Deputy Chief Travis Glampe

DC Glampe

Travis Glampe was named the Minneapolis Police Department’s Deputy Chief of the Office of Professional Standards in 2012. He focuses on the integrity of the Department by overseeing a number of units including Business Technology, Internal Affairs, Property and Evidence, Crime Lab, Records Information, Backgrounds and the MPD Academy. Deputy Chief Glampe began his career with the MPD as a patrol officer in the 3rd Precinct in 1995.

Deputy Chief Bruce Folkens


Bruce Folkens is a Minneapolis Police Department Deputy Chief in charge of Investigations, overseeing both the Special Crimes Investigations Division and the Violent Crimes Investigations Division. The Deputy Chief Folkens began his MPD career in the 5th Precinct and then went on to work narcotics, gang and homicide cases before being appointed as a Commander of Special Crimes, which preceded his role as Deputy Chief.


Inspector Mike Sullivan


Mike Sullivan is the 1st Precinct Inspector; he was previously the Inspector of the 3rd Precinct, a role he was appointed to in 2013. Inspector Sullivan began his Minneapolis Police Department career in 1991 as a patrol officer in the 5th Precinct. He’s been a Rangemaster and spent time in our Juvenile and Safe Streets Units before becoming an Inspector. The 1st Precinct covers Downtown Minneapolis and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Inspector Todd Loining

Inspector Loining

Todd Loining is the 2nd Precinct Inspector. He and his officers proudly serve the 19 neighborhoods that make up the Northeast section of Minneapolis. Inspector Loining joined the Minneapolis Police Department in 1993 as an officer in the 2nd Precinct. His career path took him through the Domestic Assault and Internal Affairs Units before he was named Inspector of the 5th Precinct in 2014.

Inspector Catherine Johnson

Commander Johnson

Catherine Johnson was named the 3rd Precinct Inspector in 2016. Before the promotion, she headed up the Special Crimes Investigations Division (SCID), which encompasses Domestic Assault, Crimes Against Children, Sex Crimes, Traffic Investigations, Licensing, Juvenile Investigations and Juvenile Outreach and Diversion. Johnson started with the MPD back in 1995 as a patrol officer in the 5th Precinct. She has also worked in the 1st and 4th Precincts, as well as Internal Affairs and Family Violence Units. Before October of 2015, she oversaw the Violent Crimes Investigations Division.


Inspector Michael Kjos

Inspector Kjos

Mike Kjos was named 4th Precinct Inspector in 2016. He returns to command the precinct on the north side after a brief stint as the 1st Precinct Inspector. Prior to his time downtown, he spent two very successful years of commanding the 4th Precinct. Inspector Kjos began his MPD career in the 3rd Precinct in 1988 but spent the majority of his rise through the ranks in the 4th Precinct. He headed the MPD’s Business and Technology Unit prior to being named an Inspector. The 4th Precinct serves North Minneapolis.


Inspector Kathy Waite

Inspector Waite

Kathy Waite is the Inspector in charge of the city’s 5th Precinct, taking over after several years as the head of the city’s 2nd Precinct. She began her career with the MPD in 1993 and has held a variety of positions in a number of different units throughout the Department, including positions within the K9 Unit and the Crisis Negotiator Team.  5th Precinct officers proudly serve and protect the Southwest quadrant of the City of Minneapolis.


Commander Scott Gerlicher

Commander Gerlicher

Scott Gerlicher is the Commander of the MPD’s Strategic Information and Crime Analysis Division, which provides the Department with intelligence and analysis needed for the distribution of resources. Commander Gerlicher started with the MPD in 1993 in the 5th Precinct. His rise through the ranks included positions in the Homicide Unit and roles as the 3rd Precinct Inspector and the Deputy Chief in charge of the Office of Professional Standards.

Commander Jason Case

Commander Case

Jason Case oversees the MPD’s Internal Affairs Unit (IAU). He previously served as the Commander in charge of the Leadership and Organizational Development Division (LOD). The IAU investigates complaints of employee misconduct and violations of Department rules. Commander Case started with the MPD in the 2nd Precinct in 1997, but also worked in the 3rd and 4th Precincts before he was appointed a Commander in 2013.

Commander Chris Granger


As the MPD’s Quality Assurance Commander, Chris Granger oversees the Department’s Use of Force Policy and Body Worn Camera Program. He is also instrumental in conducting the MPD’s training audits. Granger comes to this role after being in charge of the Violent Crimes Investigations Division (VCID) since October of 2015. The VCID includes homicide, robbery, assault and weapons units as well as the Safe Streets Task Force and the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team. Granger started with the MPD in 1994 in the 5th Precinct; he has also held patrol and supervisor positions in the 4th Precinct. He was a member of the SWAT Team and the Homicide Unit prior to becoming the Commander tapped to head up the Internal Affairs Unit in 2013.

Commander Gerald Moore


Gerald Moore was promoted to the newly created position of Recruitment and Administrative Division Commander in 2015. He focuses on recruitment and oversees Property and Evidence, Transcription, Records, Backgrounds and Community Service Officers. Commander Moore started with the MPD in 1983 and his worked in the 4th and 5th Precincts. He has also been an investigator in the narcotics, homicide and background units.

Commander Troy Schoenberger


Troy Schoenberger is Commander of the Leadership and Organizational Development Division, which includes training initiatives and the MPD’s Academy. He began his MPD career in 1998 as a Patrol Officer in the 3rd Precinct and holds the rare distinction of having served in all 5 of the department’s precincts. He has also worked in SAFE, Problem Properties, Internal Affairs and the FBI Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force.

Commander Erick Fors



Commander Erick Fors was promoted to lead the MPD’s Violent Crimes Investigations Division (VCID) in 2016. The division includes homicide, robbery, assault, and weapons, among other units. Prior to his rise in rank, Fors was a detailed Commander of the 1st Precinct and a lead instructor in the Department’s Procedural Justice training through the National Initiative. He began his career as a patrol officer in 1998. He has worked in the 2nd, 4th and 5th Precincts throughout his career. He has also worked as a Sergeant Investigator for more than five years in both the Juvenile and Homicide Units.

Commander Melissa Chiodo


Commander Melissa Chiodo is in charge of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Special Crimes Investigation Division (SCID), a post she’s held since July of 2016. Prior to the promotion, she was the Lieutenant leading the Sex Crimes Unit. Commander Chiodo began her career in 1996 and has worked in the MPD’s 1st, 3rd and 5th Precincts. She was also instrumental in enhancing our professional development and recruitment practices between 2000 and 2003. The Commander also spent five years in the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit. The SCID is home to the MPD’s sex crimes, domestic assault, juvenile crimes, crimes against children and traffic investigators.

Commander Charlie Adams


Charlie Adams was named the Commander of the MPD’s Community and Collaborative Advancement Division in 2017. The newly formed division encompasses the department’s community outreach as Adams was appointed to oversee the Community Engagement Team (officers assigned to diverse communities), the Police Community Support Team (primarily made up of community leaders), the Procedural Justice Team and the Cedar Riverside/West Bank Safety center. He was selected based on his strong community roots and connections. Commander Adams began his MPD career in 1987 and he’s served in 4 of the city’s 5 police precincts, the Juvenile Unit, the Homicide Unit and the Internal Affairs Unit. His brother, son and daughter are also proud members of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Director Shannon Johnson

shannon 2

Shannon Johnson leads our accredited Crime Lab, a unit consisting of 9 sworn officers and 27 civilian staff members. The Minneapolis Police Department’s Crime Lab is one of only 5 accredited in the state of Minnesota. The cohesive team collects evidence, develops leads and works with investigators to solve crimes. The sections that make up our Lab include firearms, video, computer forensics (including cell phones), field operations, fingerprinting, photo lab and the forensic garage.  Johnson joined the crime lab in 2006 as a forensic scientist in the field operations unit.