MPD Continues its Work on Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Recommendations

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The Minneapolis Police Department values its commitment to integrity, community engagement and transparency. Our work on requested recommendations provided by the Office of Justice Programs continues at the committee level as the MPD is approximately 10 months into the process of improving communications, community engagement, performance mentoring procedures, early intervention systems and police conduct review processes.

We have been working hard with community leaders, topic experts, MPD officers and police federation representatives to produce action plans, some of which are already in place. The following is a list of the teams (past and present committee members) we’ve put together to do this important work.

Office of Justice Programs
Performance Mentoring Sub-Committee

Lieutenant Art Knight~ Co-Chair

Ryan Patrick~ Co-Chair

Sergeant Wendy Liotta

Sergeant Sherral Schmidt

Clinton Collins

Dr. Peter Hayden

Julianne Leerssen

Destiny Xiong

Ger Yang

Office of Justice Programs
Police Conduct and Oversight Sub-Committee

Commander Jason Case ~ Co-Chair

Commander DeChristopher Granger ~ Co-Chair

Judge Michael Browne ~ Co-Chair

Lieutenant Henry Halvorson

Sergeant Thomas Schmid

Ken Dahler

Burl S. Grigsby

Imani Jaafar

Ryan Patrick

Council Member Linea Palmisano

Jennifer Singleton

Office of Justice Programs
Community  Engagement Sub-Committee

Sherman Patterson Jr.~ Co-Chair

Lisa Neal-Delgado~ Co-Chair

Sergeant Ali Abdiwahab

Officer Carlos Baires Escobar

Alisa Clemons 

Officer Cory Fitch

Ezra Hyland

Council Member Andrew Johnson

Manu Lewis

Nnamdi Okoronkwo

Rebecca Waggoner

Office of Justice Programs
Communications Sub-Committee

Scott Seroka ~Co-Chair

Sergeant Katie Blackwell~ Co-Chair

Ian Alexander

Adriana Cerrillo

Council Member Cam Gordon

Officer Cory Fitch

Jason Sole

Office of Justice Programs
The Early Intervention System (EIS) Sub-Committee

Deputy Chief Travis Glampe~ Co-Chair

Commander Scott Gerlicher~ Co-Chair

Mark Anderson

Nicole Archbold

Dave Bicking

Andrew Buss

Trina Chernos

Savannah Curtin

Deputy Chief Bruce Folkens

Officer Dave O’Connor

Jennifer Rudlong-Smith

Office of Justice Programs
The Steering Committee

Assistant Chief Kristine Arneson ~ Co-Chair

Deputy Chief Medaria Arradondo~ Co-Chair

Lieutenant John Delmonico

Lieutenant Bob Kroll

Sergeant Mohamed Abdullahi

Mukhtar Abdirahman

Chanda Smith Baker

Ronald Edwards

Ashley Harp

John Stiles

Council Member Blong Yang