Chief Harteau’s comments at Press Conference:  11-16-15

Comments from the Chief

“I want to assure everyone involved that this is not a predetermination about any ones actions. But I understand and support this decision. I appreciate and welcome all avenues and resources that help us find out the truth…so we can all be clear on exactly what happened. Everyone involved needs and deserves the truth and the facts. It is the key theme I’ve been hearing; we have been meeting with community and faith leaders throughout the weekend and today. These are people who live in Minneapolis; they are invested in their communities. I want you to know members of the Minneapolis Police Department are also extremely invested. I am incredibly proud of the men and women of this department, specifically during the past 24 hours.  They have exercised extreme patience and professionalism under some very challenging and unwarranted treatment.

We are all working together, looking for new ways we can improve communication. This incident has not only enhanced existing relationships with dozens of community leaders; I’ve met with a number of others, gaining insight hearing their ideas and forging new relationships.This incident should not and will not define us.”

Chief Janeé Harteau