Chief Harteau Addresses 4th Precinct Safety and Access

“The Minneapolis Police Department recognizes the right of citizens to gather and peacefully protest, and we have the responsibility to maintain public safety and ensure that the precinct is accessible and safe to those that need it. The decision was made to remove people who were blocking the entrance and covering the security camera in the vestibule. We also had received multiple complaints from residents who were unable to gain entry to speak with officers and investigators because people were blocking the entrance. We continue to be sensitive of the protection and rights of all citizens. I thank those in the vestibule for their cooperation in peacefully leaving the space.

I’ve been told by various sources that some of those who are demonstrating have plans to escalate their behavior. We will not tolerate property damage or any acts of violence against anyone. Public safety must continue to be our number one priority.”

-Chief Janeé Harteau