Buying tickets for the Vikings vs Packers Game? Read this first.

tickets PSA

The ONLY place to purchase tickets where you are guaranteed a seat at the game is with the Vikings Ticket Office, TicketMaster or NFL Ticket Exchange. You are taking a chance that your ticket will be bad by purchasing from any other venue, including Craigslist, Ebay and ticket brokers. In the past for the Viking/Packer game, we have had a number of counterfeit tickets and stolen tickets sold to unsuspecting buyers. If you feel you have to purchase tickets from a scalper outside the stadium here are a few tips, but you are still not guaranteed the ticket will be good;

· Purchase closer, rather than farther from the stadium

· Take a photo of the person that you are buying from, and possibly their driver’s license or ID

· Have the seller walk with you to the gate to make sure that you get through the gate

· Ask the seller if he has a business card, many brokers that are out will have one and gladly share it for future business

There will be bad tickets on the street, a hard copy of a tickets is not the better purchase than an e-ticket, many times the e-ticket trumps the card-stock because the original owner transferred the ticket on line, again the best place to purchase at this time will most likely be NFL Ticket Exchange.