Press Releases

5 People Arrested After Shooting Downtown

Sunday morning before 3:00, Minneapolis Police Officers patrolling on foot monitoring the downtown bar close detail heard numerous shots in close proximity to North 3rd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave N. Officers immediately located an adult male with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. This individual was not cooperative and refused to provide any information. Additional officers were on the scene quickly and interviewed a number of people in the area. They quickly developed information on a suspect vehicle. Officers also located a handgun under a car next to the individual with the gunshot wound. The victim was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance.

One of the two suspect vehicles was stopped while still downtown. A person in the car was wearing an empty holster so based on that Officers checked the scene and found a gun under a parked car which was thrown by a person in the car. Three people were taken into custody. The second suspect vehicle was located on I94 with a window shot out. This vehicle was stopped and the occupants confirmed they were coming from downtown. A handgun was recovered from that vehicle as well and two additional suspects were arrested.

Investigation at the scene shows that there were bullet casings on each side of the street by where the victim was located.

From the time that the officers first heard the shots, within 27 minutes, 5 people were taken into custody for Felony Assault, one uncooperative victim suffered a non-life threatening injury, and three guns were recovered.