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2 In Custody and 1 Taser Recovered in Aggravated Robbery Incident

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In the late evening hours of January 12, 2016, Minneapolis Police received a call of an aggravated robbery in progress in the 600 block of Cedar Avenue S.

Upon arrival in the area, officers met with the victim who told them he was riding in an elevator when the two males inside the elevator pulled him off and attempted to force him into a room down the hallway. One of the suspects began to choke the victim in order to obtain his compliance. The victim was able to get away and ran down the hall. One of the suspects caught up to him and demanded his cell phone and wallet. The victim broke loose and ran down the stairs, escaping from the two suspects.

As additional officers were speaking with the victim, the victim pointed out one of the suspects to officers. The officer went and detained that individual. While searching him, a pink Taser fell from the suspect’s pant leg. The red light was activated which denoted that the Taser was ON.

Officers then went to the room that the victim stated the suspects tried to force him into. At that location, they found the other suspect who was identified by the victim. That suspect made spontaneous statements to the officers incriminating them both in the crime. Both suspects were booked into Hennepin County Adult Detention Center on Probable Cause Aggravated Robbery.