Minneapolis Police Honors 39 Officers and 12 Civilians


On a daily basis, Minneapolis Police Officers and residents in the city go to great lengths to keep each other safe. At times, officers and civilians even put their own personal safety aside to help others in desperate need of help.

The MPD was proud to honor 39 officers and 12 civilians in an award ceremony on February 9th.


Chief’s Award of Merit

Commander DeChristopher Granger

Sergeant Laurie Ammend, MTP

Sergeant Jarrod Roering

Officer Brandon Bartholomew

Officer Gretchen Bloss

Officer Peter Hafstad

Officer Daniel McDonald

Officer Brandy Steberg

Officer George Warzinik

Reserve Sergeant Dena Norton

Reserve Officer Begad Makky

Reserve Officer Michael Rosenberg

Ms. Joni Cook

Mr. Paul Howard

Ms. Karen Notsch

Mr. Ryan Patrick

Ms. Laura Peters

Ms. Nancy Weber

Mr. KG Wilson

Ms. Da’Mika Winters


Citizen’s Award of Merit

Ms. Jennifer Brown

Mr. Braylon Wheat


Excellence in Investigation

Sergeant Richard Jackson

Sergeant Matthew St. George

Officer Steven Lecy

Officer Sean McTaggert


Citizen’s Lifesaving

Mr. Jared Craig


Sergeant Katie Blackwell

Sergeant Anne Moryc

Officer Sherry Appledorn

Officer Troy Carlson

Officer Brian Cummings

Officer William Gregory

Officer John Haugland

Officer Greg Jeddeloh

Officer Lauren Peterson

Officer Kristin Porras

Officer Isaac Raichert

Officer Michael Rocklin, Jr.

Officer Corey Schmidt

Officer Nathan Sundberg

Officer Jesse Trebesch

Officer Laura Turner

Officer Matthew Vana

Officer Elliot Wong


Citizen’s Award of Valor

Mr. Harrison Hamilton


Medal of Valor

Sergeant Kent Warnberg

Officer William Gregory

Officer Benjamin Henrich

Officer Sokhom Klann

Officer Mark Lanasa

Officer Steven Lecy

Officer Michael Norris