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Suspect Captured Immediately After Robbery

dd of great police work

2-2016 Gun1

Officers on their way to a burglary alarm call were traveling eastbound on 21st Avenue North, in the area of the 900 block, when they observed two people turn and run from two other people standing on the sidewalk. Officer noted that they were carry a backpack s they fled. They persons running saw the squad and turned to run down the alley. They dropped the backpack. The other two people began flagging the officers down screaming they they had just been robbed.

Officers gave foot pursuit and observed one of the suspects drop a gun. That suspect ran a short distance further and was apprehended. The second suspect got away. Officers located the backpack that was dropped and went through it. The contents matched the loss described by two persons who were just robbed. Officers also located a second gun at the mouth of the alley where the two suspects had fled.

The two victims were so grateful for the officers being observant and quick to act. The victims positively identified the one suspect as one of the two that had robbed them. The other suspect, minus his gun, is at large, for now. Both gun were illegal for the two suspects to possess.