A Different Kind of Daily Dose of Great Police Work!

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Daily doses of great police work can take many forms; catching a bank robber, making the traffic stop that takes 3 more illegal guns off the street, or having the dogged-determination that cracks open a case investigation. Today’s daily dose is equally important.

After receiving the below photo from one of our facebook followers, we did a little research. It turns out that two nights ago, officers from the 5th Precinct stopped into the Holiday Station Store to do a business check. They came across some young Somali or Oromo, females who had a flat tire and didn’t now what to do. Officers asked if they needed some help. They asked for direction as to who they could contact to help her with the flat tire. The officers smiled and told them that they would take care of it.

With that, the officers proceeded to change her tire! Needless to say, the females was exceptionally grateful!

A real demonstration of serving with compassion!

Officers Change Tire