A Message from the Chief: Balancing Public Safety & 1st Amendment Rights

The Minneapolis Police Department has a long history of helping residents, and those who visit our city, exercise their first amendment rights. It is also our responsibility to do everything in our power to keep people safe. We understand that an upcoming legal decision has the potential to cause some tension and angst in and around our city. As we plan for the county attorney’s decision, whatever that may be, I would like members of our community to know public safety is always our number one priority.

We will not tolerate acts of violence against anyone, and that includes acts of violence against our officers. We will enforce the laws of Minnesota and the ordinances of the City of Minneapolis, and anyone who violates them will be held accountable. We will not allow people to set fires on our streets or occupy and vandalize our buildings. We will not allow people to jeopardize the safety of others by causing massive disruptions and hindering emergency vehicles from helping those in need. The MPD has to, and will, strike a balance between first amendment rights with the safety of everyone.