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Another Illegal Weapon Recovered from a Prohibited Person

On March 30th, 2016 at 9:15 pm, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct were on routine patrol in the area of 10th Avenue South and 27th Street East when they observed a group of three adult males walking down the road kicking parked cars. They were striking the cars with such force that damage was resulting from it.

Officers circled around and parked their squad and got out to make contact with the three individuals. When they confronted the three suspects, two complied with the officers orders and one fled on foot. One officer stayed with the two compliant individuals while one officer called for additional squads and gave pursuit.

The officer chased the fleeing suspect on foot for three blocks. During this time, he observed the suspect was holding onto the right side of his waistband with his right hand. The officer observed the suspect crouch down and make an arm gesture as if he was throwing something on the northeast corner of the soccer field and was apprehended about 50 yards away.
The suspect was placed under arrest and the officer immediately walked back to the area where he saw the suspect throw an object. At that location, the officer located a gun. The gun was photographed and taken into custody. The gun was found to have one bullet in the chamber.

Checks on the suspect showed that he is a prohibited person from carrying a firearm at this time and was jailed for that offense.