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Quick Response and Thinking likely Saves Child’s life

On Saturday, Officers from the Minneapolis Police Department and the Minneapolis Park Police responded to a report of children playing on a train in the area of 44th Avenue North and Bryant Avenue North.

Upon arrival, officers located an 11-year-old male who had been run over by the train. They observed him to be in critical condition with a severed leg below the knee, his other leg suffered substantial damage, and he received some head trauma. Two of the other juveniles with him were providing comfort to him.

An officer from each department applied tourniquets to control blood loss from the extremities which likely saved his life. While it is not the first case where officers have saved a life by using a tourniquet, it does bring to light how crucial fast police response and training can be in life-threatening situations. The young man in this case was transported to North Memorial Medical Center by ambulance in critical condition. The two witnesses provided a detailed description to the responding officers and were very helpful.

One of the responding sergeants from the MPD 4th Precinct, Chuck Peter made contact with the other two juveniles on Sunday and took them out for ice cream. He wanted to thank them for the important part they played in helping their friend the prior day. Additionally, he wanted to make sure the boys were OK; they had witnessed an incredibly traumatic event where they stepped up for their friend. They were tremendously helpful at the scene. The sergeant wanted to make sure the boys had his contact information in case they had any other questions or needed support in the coming days and months.