2 Booked for Attempted Robbery

Just before 2:00 am on April 17th, a 5th Precinct sergeant was on routine patrol in the area of Hennepin Avenue south of Lake Street when he observed a physical altercation between three females in the street. The sergeant called for back-up and got out to separate the combatants.

As the people were separated, he learned that this was not just a physical altercation, but that two of the females were attempting to rob the third female. The sergeant arrested the two individuals and responding officers took statements from witnesses on the scene and those from the area.

The sergeant looked back at a call that had happened within the hour that was also a robbery on the 1100 block of Lagoon Avenue. The sergeant spoke with the officers involved on that case and it appears that these are the same suspects.

One suspect, 17 years of age was booked into the Hennepin County Juvenile Center while the other suspect, 27 years of age was booked into the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center. Both were booked on Probable Cause Attempted Robbery.