Two Separate Scams Surface in Minneapolis

Over the last month the 2nd Precinct has received reports and information on ongoing phone scams with residents of the 2nd Precinct.

• Do not give any personal or financial information over the phone if you do not know who it is or they cannot verify that it is a company that you regularly do business with;
• Know how your bank and credit card companies will contact you (i.e. by mail, by phone, by email, etc.); if a caller says it is your bank, before you give any information verify it is your bank. Hang up and call the bank number that your regular use or go to your local branch to see if there are problems with your account.
• You CANNOT pay taxes with gift cards (i.e. ITunes cards, Target gift cards, or other prepay cards from a convenience store, etc.);
• The IRS will not contact you by phone they prefer to contact you through the U.S. Mail;
• If you believe you have a warrant for your arrest you can verify with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. You CANNOT pay money over the phone or wire money to stop from being arrested; you usually have to appear in court; If you are told you have an out of state warrant and you have never been to that state then it is probably a scam. Verify what the caller is telling you.
• If you receive a call from a “grandchild/sibling” and they say they need bail money because they were arrested out of country please verify with other family members before you wire any money to the caller.
• Don’t be rushed to make a decision
• If it is too good to be true then most likely it is a scam
• If you are contacted out of the blue, be cautious about who you are talking to
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