Police Technician Sandy Kellog Receives Super STAR Award

Congratulations to 5th Precinct Police Technician Sandy Kellogg for receiving a Super STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) Award from the city.

Lt. Giovanni Veliz nominated Kellogg for being a humble leader and the backbone of the 5th Precinct Investigations Unit:
“Kellogg has dedicated her entire career to serving crime victims, witnesses and her peers with dignity and respect. For example in 2015, she had over 6,390 incoming and outgoing phone calls and important interactions with victims, witnesses and suspects. Kellogg’s level of professionalism is important to the image of the Minneapolis Police Department and achieving the goals of crime reduction, community partnership and employee morale.
“Kellogg has taken it upon herself to recognize the work of her peers by notifying her supervisors and writing letters of appreciation. In 2015, she helped write 250 letters of appreciation for 5th Precinct officers. I have also observed her coordinate events to celebrate employees’ birthdays and recognition events that contribute to employee morale.
“Kellogg has an uncanny ability to praise and recognize coworkers’ contributions and great accomplishments to the community and the Police Department. Sandra’s acknowledgement brings out the best in the employee’s desire to continue working and providing citizens with the best delivery of police services.
“A recent example of Kellogg ‘s leadership trait for inspiring others: She publicly recognized the great work of an analyst and wrote a letter of appreciation which was presented to the employee by the 5th Precinct inspector. This leadership act had a positive effect on the employee.
“Kellogg plays an important role in the precinct’s crime reduction strategy and community outreach efforts. After weekly meetings, she takes the time to disseminate important information to the Police Department’s criminal justice partners and community stakeholders, outlining the efforts to sustain crime reduction and community partnerships.
“Kellogg supports the Police chief’s motto “See it, own it, solve it, do it” by volunteering to take important tasks that contribute toward crime reduction and community partnership. She has been active in the annual 5th Precinct open house, takes pictures for 5th Precinct events, participates in officer survival training, attends the department’s civilian employee meetings and updates our valued civilian employees.”