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Suspect Fleeing From Police Crashes and Dies

May 18, 2016 (Minneapolis) On Wednesday morning at 2:09 am., two Minneapolis Police officers were travelling northbound on Penn Avenue North at approximately 36th Avenue North when they observed a southbound vehicle swerving. Officers took evasive measures to avoid being struck head-on by this vehicle. Officers turned around and pulled the suspect vehicle over at approximately Penn Avenue and 35th Avenue North.

Officers approached the car and attempted to make contact with the driver. The driver refused to roll down his window or even acknowledge the officer’s presence. As the officers knocked on the window to gain the driver’s attention, the driver put the car in gear and fled at a high rate of speed. Officers went back to their squad, activated their siren and attempted to catch up to the fleeing vehicle.

The suspect vehicle entered the intersection of Penn Avenue and West Broadway at an excessive rate of speed and struck the front end of a minivan waiting to turn from eastbound West Broadway onto northbound Penn Avenue. The suspect vehicle then crashed into a vacant building at that intersection. The driver was ejected from the car and was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel. The driver, and lone occupant of the minivan, was uninjured.

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to the scene to assist the Minneapolis Police Department’s Traffic Unit with the crash reconstruction.

The Medical Examiner will provide the identity of the deceased along with the nature and cause of death.