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Chief Harteau Statement on Recent Violence

Chief Harteau Statement on Recent Violence

“As we continue to work aggressively to address our increase in gun violence, one of my greatest concerns has been realized; people with no regard for the lives of those in our community taking the life of an innocent bystander. This is intolerable and unacceptable. The fact that our officers made arrests immediately and have been following up on information from those arrests gives me some comfort that justice will be served, but it cannot replace a life that should have never been lost.

We have put every additional resource into the areas plagued by gun violence that we can, while continuing to patrol and protect all parts of the city. We are aggressively going after known gang members or those in cliques that are responsible for this continuance of violence, which affects each and every person in our community.

In addition, 12 new officers will be put on the streets of the 4th Precinct on June 12th. That is in addition to the extra squads we are already sending to the area for extra saturation.

Our gang team, our weapons teams and our shooting investigative teams are working all hours to take illegal weapons, and more importantly, dangerous gang members off the streets. It is clear that they have no concern for others, no reaction to community outrage and little concern for the increased police presence. Furthermore, it would appear they are not deterred by fear of getting caught or the penalties they will face.

I have created a Community Support Team (CST) of well-known and influential community members to not only respond to these scenes, but to help us combat the issues we are facing. This Community Support Team comes from a cross section of community groups in every corner of the city. This team has already begun its work collectively to address this violence and together we know that it must, and will, end.

Finally, I’d like to reiterate the plan we publicly announced and also discussed with community leaders, business leaders, and residents who joined me on West Broadway a few weeks ago. I have added more enforcement strategies and initiatives since then, and will continue to add to the overall plan in the coming days and weeks as necessary.”