Nels C. Anderson – End of Watch May 31, 1916

Gone but not forgotten

Officer Nels C Anderson
End of Watch : May 31, 1916

Minneapolis Police Department

Minneapolis PD
Died May 31, 1916

Officer Nels C. Anderson was sent to 2004 24th Avenue South on Saturday night, May 27, for a domestic dispute. Alexander Angle, 45, and his wife, 36, had had an argument; she had taken the youngest child and left, but had later returned. When she returned, he again started to argue with her. Their 20-year-old son, Charles, then started to argue with his father, enabling his mother to escape to the drugstore at 2401 Franklin Avenue. Mr. Angle then pursued his wife. As she opened the door, he fired three shots at her, two hitting her in the body and one in the head, killing her instantly. A man at the drugstore, A.G. Ulm, threw two bottles at Mr. Angle, one hitting him in the face. Angle then went back to his house and Mr. Ulm called the police. Officer Anderson responded. The children had fled to the neighbors and Mr. Angle had barricaded himself in his home.

Upon arrival, Officer Anderson ordered Angle to surrender. Angle slammed the door. Anderson forced the door open and went inside and again ordered Angle to surrender. Several shots were then exchanged and Officer Anderson went down. Although he had been hit twice, he was able to crawl out of the house. Four detectives then arrived and surrounded the house. Hearing two shots inside the home, they went into the home where the found Mr. Angle’s body with two fatal gunshot wounds.

The children later told detectives that their father had threatened to kill the entire family. Ralph Angle, 13, stated that his father had fired several shots at him after his mother had left the house. He escaped by running into the garden. His 10-year-old sister, Stella, was not injured. Officer Anderson was taken to City Hospital where he died four days later.

Officer Anderson was survived by his wife and three children; Eleanor, 19, George, 17, and Elsie, 14. Mrs. Anderson was the first widow to receive benefits from the Minneapolis Police Mutual Association. Officer Anderson was 50 years old and had been with the department since 1904. At the time of his death, he was a motorcycle patrolman and was going to soon be promoted to sergeant. His funeral was held Saturday, June 7, at St. Paul’s Swedish Lutheran Church and he was buried at Lakewood Cemetery.