End of Watch Officer George Woessner – June 24, 1919

Gone but not forgotten

Officer George Woessner
End of Watch : June 24, 1919

Minneapolis Police Department

On Monday night, June 23, Motorcycle Officer Woessner was responding to an accident at 16th Street and Chicago Avenue where a car had driven through a crowd of people waiting to board a streetcar. He was at 22nd Avenue South and Lake Street when he swerved to miss a car driving the wrong way. He hit the curb and was thrown into a tree. He was killed instantly. Police were unable to find the suspect vehicle.

Officer Woessner was 36 years old and had been with the department for 7 years. He was hired August 29, 1912. He was survived by his wife. His funeral was held at Snell’s Undertaking at 20th and Bryant Avenues North. He was buried at LaCrosse, Wisconsin.