From the Chief

Chief Harteau Statement Regarding 2 Year Old’s Death Following an Exchange of Gunfire

Comments from the Chief

“We have witnessed yet another tragic and senseless death at the hands of gun violence; it’s a scenario our city and others across this country see too often, especially recently. The MPD is conducting a very aggressive investigation which has been productive thus far. We have 8 investigators working around the clock and they will not leave any stones unturned. We will be relentless in holding the person (s) responsible for this horrific act accountable. You will see more uniformed officers and enforcement efforts in areas where we’ve witnessed recent violence.

We must come together as a community to confront the issue of gun violence and protect the sanctity of life for everyone. During this tragedy and others we have had throughout the city, I am grateful for our officers and our community members, specifically those assigned to our new Police Community Support Team (PCST). They have been invaluable in helping us facilitate conversations with mourning family members and sharing accurate and timely information with residents. Today, alongside our Police Community Chaplains, PCST members were at the scene and the hospital. I also want to note they’ve helped us with several investigations and the team was formed just a few weeks ago. This is a partnership we want and need to truly address the violence in our city.”