Community Policing and New MPD Policies Press Conference

Watch (a higher quality version of) Monday’s press conference on community policing and new Minneapolis Police Department policies. Below is an a time-breakdown of the key talking points.

01:10 Chief Janeé Harteau on violent crime

02:10 Chief on supporting officers

05:45 Chief on the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Police: 6 Pillars

07:55 Chief on the Police Community Support Team

11:00 Chief on new “Sanctity of Life” Policy

12:30 Commander Troy Schoenberger on the new “De-escalation” Policy

15:50 Deputy Chief Medaria Arradondo the new “Duty to Intervene” Policy

16:50 Deputy Chief Arradondo on the new “Duty to Report” Policy

The MPD constantly reevaluates its practices and policies to ensure they are consistent with national “best practices” standards and 21st Century Policing. It allows the MPD to be on the forefront of progressive change, ensuring residents receive the best possible service. In the interest of further increasing transparency and public trust, Chief Harteau shared details new policies and update members of the media on how the Department lines up with the recommendations set forth by The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.