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Chief Harteau Adds Resources to Warehouse District; MPD Continues to Address Chronic Criminal Offenders Driving Gun Violence throughout the City

January 8, 2017 (MINNEAPOLIS) Minneapolis Police continue to investigate two separate, unrelated incidents of gun violence in the downtown area over the weekend. One incident resulted in a homicide and a non-fatal gunshot wound, the other resulted in 3 injuries.

Investigators have determined that the cases are similar in the fact that there were altercations prior to the shootings, and that the victims in both incidents were the intended targets. In both cases, the victims were not forthcoming with information or cooperating with investigators.

“In both incidents, MPD Officers were working in the immediate area and responded within seconds. It is clear there continues to be an issue with violent people, often chronic offenders, who have access to weapons and use them without regard to police presence. I am concerned about the lack of adequate consequences and the increasing number of repeat offenders who continue to be the driving force behind our violent crime. We will continue to be aggressive in our response. I am allocating additional uniform and plain clothes officers in the warehouse district due to the violence,” Police Chief Janeé Harteau said.