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Minneapolis Experiences Significant Decreases in Homicides, Robberies & Burglaries Despite Rise in Aggravated Assaults Fueled by Repeat Violent Offenders

Mayor Betsy Hodges and Police Chief Janeé were joined by Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson this morning to discuss year-end crime statistics from 2016. The Chief identified several positive trends which make the City of Minneapolis a better and safer place to live and work. She also addressed an increase in violent crime fueled by an increase in gun violence.

“A review of our 2016 crime statistics confirms that our violent crime, and our gun violence, is escalating. It is driven by a small part of our population that has no concern for others who work, live and play in Minneapolis. As a police department, we will continue to aggressively seek the perpetrators of this gun violence. We are asking the community to continue to work with us and we are looking for more adequate consequences for these violent criminals who we are taking to jail,” Chief Harteau said. “We also continue to ask more of our officers, through training and community policing, and they continue to deliver solid reductions in both robbery and burglary. The city’s dramatic drop in homicides is also more than notable.”

The Chief was joined at the news conference by Maren Hardy from the Division of Indian Work and Youthlink Executive Director Dr. Heather Huseby who spoke about the growing partnerships and relationships facilitated by dedicated beat officers assigned to keep places of business and youth safe. With an increase in officers in 2017, the Chief has promised an increase in these valuable community policing initiatives.

The following represents a portion of the statistics discussed by the Chief and others. 

  • Citywide, violent crime was up 5.23%, or 229 incidents in 2016, when compared to 2015
  • Aggravated Assaults throughout Minneapolis rose 12.33%, or 250 incidents between 2015 and 2016

-Five victims were shot more than once

-One 21 year old male was shot 3 different times in 2016

-56% of gunshot victims have known gang associations

-41% of gunshot victims have probationary status

  • Homicides in the City of Minneapolis were down 19.15%; there were 9 fewer murders in 2016 versus 2015

-Homicide investigators cleared 70% of their homicide cases since July 4th

  • Robbery was reduced by nearly 3%, with 55 fewer victims in 2016

-Robbery in the First Precinct (Downtown) decreased by 11% in 2016

-Robbery in the Fourth Precinct (North Minneapolis) was down 17.5%

  • Citywide, burglary decreased 3.74% in 2016 representing a 36 year low

2016 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics

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