Officers De-escalate Incident Involving Suicidal Male

Officers never know what they might encounter. Every call has the potential to be dangerous or even deadly.
When Second Precinct Officers responded to a report of a stabbing on February 1st, they encountered a man with a large kitchen knife. He confronted the officers, who not only de-escalated the situation, but resolved it without anyone being injured.
It turns out the suspect was the original 9-1-1 caller. Officers did not find a victim at the scene, and he admitted this was an attempted “suicide by cop.” Even though the officers were lured to the scene by the suspect, they resolved the situation safely. The suspect was transported to the hospital for evaluation and then arrested.
It is yet another call that reminds officers they cannot always rely just on the call information; they have to be ready for anything and everything.
Case Number 17-036823