Superhero Tyler the Donut Boy visits MPD

Tyler, the pint sized super hero “The Donut Boy”, came to visit the MPD yesterday.


Tyler began a mission to thank every Police Officer in America in August 2016 after using his allowance to buy donuts for four deputies he saw in a convenience store. Because those deputies were so happy to be appreciated, Tyler decided he wanted to do more for officers. Tyler is on a mission to thank every officer in America, and give them their favorite treats-DONUTS!



As a thank you to Tyler, officers took him and his mom out to the Mounted Patrol barn in the afternoon. Tyler was able to ride an MPD Mounted Patrol horse and try on some gear.



We thank you Tyler for your support of law enforcement around the country. We are honored that you took the time to visit the MPD. Thank you for your service, and of course, thanks for the donuts!!!



You can follow Tyler’s mission “I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop” on Facebook.