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MPD U and T Visa programs help crime victims, regardless of their immigration status

On Friday, August 3rd the MPD collaborated with the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP). They provided Minnesota law enforcement agencies with information on the U and T Visa programs and the role they play in effective community policing.

This training showed attendees how to improve investigations by using language access tools.

Attendees saw how agencies can more effectively hold offenders accountable by using U Visa and T Visa certification as a crime fighting tool and how the safety of law enforcement officers, victims, and the community can be strengthened.

This collaboration can increase the likelihood of battered immigrants reporting and helping in the criminal investigation and prosecution of the crime.

Chief Medaria Arradondo welcomed the participants and handed out awards to the national team of instructors.

Chief Arradondo states, “The MPD U Visa program allows our department to ensure that community members who become victims of certain crimes receive important police services without regard to their immigration status. As Chief I never want our community members to feel as though they’re being victimized twice. Once by the perpetrator and second by the police department. Our MPD U Visa program helps to build trust and strong relationships with the communities we serve.”