Chief Arradondo’s Letter to Staff

I write this message to all of you to say the honor and pride that you should have representing the MPD must be genuine and authentic in all you do and say.  We will be judged critically by those we serve, and rightfully so, when our conduct and behavior goes against our core department values of Trust, Accountability and Professional Service.  Please know that every day I find an opportunity to share with others the remarkable and inspiring service the vast majority of you, as teammates, perform each and every day on behalf of our communities.

Unfortunately I’m reminded today that a single act by a few can significantly damage the positive relationships so many of you have built each day you come to work. 

Biased behavior by any member of the MPD in any form through words or actions will NEVER be tolerated by me as your Chief.  I will NOT defend the indefensible.  I also want to reemphasize the incredibly important role of supervisors within our organization.  When our employees’ performance is not adequate, suffers or damages relationships with our communities or co-workers, I will reasonably ask and inquire “where was their supervision?”  Supervisors, you are key in modeling the proper behavior and attitude our employees should be exhibiting. 

In these often challenging times our communities are looking towards us to be their beacon of hope that we, as peace officers, will serve in a manner that treats everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.  That manner of treatment is non-negotiable.  Please remember we must hold each other accountable.  One singular action that erodes trust with those we serve is a direct reflection on all of us.

Serve with Honor and Pride

My best