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5th Precinct staff members prepare their best dishes for a Chili Cook-Off

On Wednesday, February 6th MPD 5th Precinct staff members, Civilian and Sworn, prepared dishes for a Chili Cook-Off during the lunch hour!

Ten people participated in the friendly competition (and one ringer – an officer’s friend who owns a food truck submitted his chili). Three judges tasted all of the chili (using Saltine Crackers to cleanse the palate) and ranked each chili on a variety of attributes, then compared scores. The honored judges were Matt Wilcox (Fifth Precinct Community Attorney from the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office), Jennifer Waisanen (Fifth Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist) and Courtney Jacobson (Co-Responder Team Member/Social Worker with Hennepin County COPE).

ALL of the chili dishes were delicious. Congratulations to our top three winners! First Place – John Reed (Crime Prevention Specialist), Second Place – Officer Jason Kiritschenko (Co-Responder Team) and Third Place – Officer Patrick Reuben (Fifth Precinct Traffic Squad).