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Chief Medaria Arradondo announces four appointed leadership changes

April 11, 2019 (MINNEAPOLIS) – Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has announced four appointed leadership changes. The newly appointed leaders are:

Deputy Chief of Patrol Kathy Waite









As Deputy Chief of Patrol, Kathy Waite will oversee patrol operations for the City’s five police precincts.  She has extensive experience as a Precinct Inspector, serving in that capacity since 2013 starting in the 2nd Precinct and most recently in the 5th Precinct.  She began her career with the MPD in 1993 and brings valuable experience to her new role.

4th Precinct Inspector Kelvin Pulphus









As the 4th Precinct Inspector, Kelvin Pulphus will continue the service he focused on while serving as the Lieutenant of the Procedural Justice Unit, the Community Engagement Team and the Community Navigators.  These teams share the common goal and important work of increasing the trust between the MPD and the communities it serves by focusing on the way members of the MPD interact with the public.  He began his career with the MPD in 1992 and has vast experience throughout the department.

5th Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman









5th Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman has a long history with the 5th Precinct, working there in her first assignment as a patrol officer, as a member of the Community Response Team and as a shift lieutenant.  She brings a wealth of experience to this role working with the community in the 5th Precinct.  After joining the MPD in 1994, she rose through the ranks in a variety of assignments in the 3rd and 5th Precincts, investigations and administration.

Commander of the Training Unit Katie Blackwell









As Commander of the Training Unit, Katie Blackwell will oversee the department’s In-Service Training, Academy, Field Training Officer (FTO) Program, and Leadership and Professional Development Programs.  She most recently served as a Lieutenant in the MPD’s Training Unit where she created and developed a comprehensive Leadership Course for recently promoted Sergeants and Lieutenants, restructured the FTO program and developed FTO Development Courses.  She began her career with the MPD as a Community Service Officer in 2000 and has served in different capacities throughout the department during that time.

Four appointed leaders from left to right: 5th Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman, Deputy Chief of Patrol Kathy Waite, 4th Precinct Inspector Kelvin Pulphus, Commander of the Training Unit Katie Blackwell
Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo speaking to the press

“Leadership starts long before the promotion, and all of these individuals before you have practiced that throughout their career here, so this is a very proud day for the department and our communities.” said Chief Medaria Arradondo.

Mayor Jacob Frey also spoke, giving his full support for the appointments made.