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Newly promoted MPD leaders recognized at ceremony

June 3, 2019 (MINNEAPOLIS) – Chief Medaria Arradondo recognized 17 newly promoted leaders at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in South Minneapolis.

One deputy chief, two inspectors, one commander, one director and 12 sergeants became official at the public Promotional Ceremony.

Congratulations to Deputy Chief Kathy Waite, Inspector Amelia Huffman, Inspector Kelvin Pulphus, Commander Katie Blackwell, Director John Elder, Sergeant KeHeung Anderson, Sergeant Heather Aschoff, Sergeant Bevan Blauert, Sergeant Gretchen Bloss, Sergeant Aaron Collins, Sergeant Nicholas Englund, Sergeant Cory Fitch, Sergeant John Haugland, Sergeant Daniel Misgen, Sergeant Brian Thureson, Sergeant Kenneth Tidgwell and Sergeant Christopher Tuma.