MPD advises to be aware of garage burglaries

We have seen a pattern of garage burglaries in the past week, specifically in the 5800 to 6000 blocks between Chicago Av. S and 12th Av. S. These are forced entry burglaries with miscellaneous items taken.

There is no suspect information at this time. Sector Patrol Officers are aware of the increase and are actively patrolling the area, along with bike cops. Please call 911 when you see or hear suspicious activity!

What you can do:
• Always keep your home and garage secured and locked. Also, always lock your vehicle doors inside your garage and take all valuables out of the vehicle. (including small change, insurance and registration information)
• Never leave your garage door opener in your car outside of your garage unlocked.
• Consider in investing in Wi-Fi Security Cameras. This aids in helping investigators identify potential suspects.
• Motion lights on garage doors and homes are also a good deterrent for burglars.
• Call 911 to report suspicious activity. This includes strangers walking down your alley and looking in garages, loitering, or vehicles circling the block with occupants you don’t recognize.
• Burglars commonly knock on doors to see if anyone is home. Please call 911 to report any suspicious persons who knock on your door or ring your doorbell. For example, someone giving you a name of a person they are looking for, who doesn’t live there!
• If you are burglarized, do not contaminate the crime scene. Do not enter your home until police have cleared it of possible suspects. Do not touch any suspected entry points or items that may have been moved or touched by the burglar. Do not “clean up” until after police have investigated.