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Help prevent the rise of auto thefts citywide in Minneapolis

January 24, 2020 (MINNEAPOLIS) – We would like to advise Minneapolis residents that we are seeing staggering numbers of auto thefts citywide.

262 auto thefts have occurred so far in the first 3 weeks of 2020, which means about 13 cars stolen per day.

With 72.8% of the auto thefts this year being preventable, there are three trends:

  1. Leaving car running before leaving for a destination
  2. Food delivery people and others out of their car for “just a moment”
  3. Key fobs being left in the car (crime of opportunity)

Please also make sure you aren’t leaving anything that my be of value in the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

We are working with our partners at the Downtown Improvement District and Clear Channel Outdoors to get this information out in as many ways as possible.

Thank you to all who help make necessary changes to prevent auto theft.