A Message of Thanks to First Responders

Steve Spurgeon visited the First Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department on 02/13/2020 and delivered his enthusiastic message to approximately 20 officers, sergeants, and lieutenants from the middle watch, power watch, and dogwatch shifts. His presentation included a performance of his original song, “Wake Up in the USA”.

Steve Spurgeon is a singer/songwriter with a passion to honor those who serve with honor. By his definition, a person serving with honor is one who sets aside personal viewpoints and agendas in order to provide what is needed to anyone having need. He views first responders as people who join together with others from various backgrounds and viewpoints, take an oath, don a uniform, and then, without judgment, answer the call for help from anyone who makes one. Steve believes that first responders are honorable people who serve with honor.

Since 9/11/2001, Steve Spurgeon has been voluntarily traveling the country visiting police and fire departments to enthusiastically support and encourage first responders with his message of thanks. His motivation is comprised of two realities he has observed; division within the USA that is showing an increase of negativity towards first responders and the high rate of suicide among first responders. Steve believes that by highlighting the honorable work of first responders, his message can help to create national unity and encourage individual first responders towards a choice for life.

MPD appreciated Steve and his message. Steve was presented with a challenge coin and a department patch.

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