Command Staff

Chief Medaria Arradondo

COS Rondo

Chief Medaria Arradondo is the 53rd Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department. He joined the MPD in 1989 as a patrol officer in the 4th Precinct and worked his way up the ranks before being appointed the Inspector of the First Precinct in 2013. He also served as a School Resource Officer, Northside beat officer, the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief, before being nominated as Chief by the mayor in 2017. Chief Arradondo actively sits on several community boards and is a member of several national and international police associations. Arradondo is a courageous public servant, and change agent with a demonstrated talent for building mutually-respectful and trusting relationships with community members and professional policing teams. He served as MPD’s liaison for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice organization, overseeing the execution of initiatives on procedural justice, implicit bias, and reconciliation training. His work has helped positively transforming the MPD culture, and position the Department as a national leader in police service excellence.

Assistant Chief Michael Kjos

Inspector Kjos

Mike Kjos has worked as a patrol officer and supervisor in the 1st, 3rd and 4th Precincts throughout his storied career, which began in April of 1988. In 2012 he was named the 4th Precinct Inspector before taking over as the 1st Precinct Inspector in 2015. He moved back to the 4th Precinct as an Inspector before he was named the Deputy Chief of the Patrol Bureau. His time as a Deputy Chief didn’t last long before he was promoted by Chief Arradondo to lead as the Assistant Chief. As the Assistant Chief, Kjos will lead the department’s day-to-day operations while still overseeing the Patrol Bureau.

Deputy Chief of Patrol Erick Fors


Erick Fors began his career at the MPD in 1998 and has worked in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Precincts. He has also served valuable roles as a Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team member, Backgrounds Investigator, Juvenile Investigator and Homicide Investigator. Fors was also the Commander of the Violent Crimes Investigations Division, which includes leadership roles on both the Group Violence Intervention project and the Department’s U-Visa applications program. Erick Fors is now the Deputy Chief of Patrol and oversees patrol operations for the City’s five police precincts.

Deputy Chief of Investigations Kathy Waite

Inspector Waite

Kathy Waite oversees the MPD’s Investigative Bureau, which includes all investigative units under both the Violent Crimes and Special Crimes Investigations Divisions. She has extensive experience as a Precinct Inspector, serving in that capacity since 2013 starting in the 2nd Precinct and most recently in the 5th Precinct. She began her career with the MPD in 1993 and has held a variety of positions in a number of different units throughout the Department, including patrol operations, K9 Unit and the Crisis Negotiator Team.

Deputy Chief of Professional Standards Henry Halvorson

Henry Halvorson

Henry Halvorson started his Minneapolis Police Department career as a cadet in the Police Academy in 1992. He has served as a patrol officer in the 2nd and 3rd Precincts, and as an investigator in Public Housing, Sex Crimes and Internal Affairs. As a Lieutenant he has been a supervisor in both the 1st Precinct and the Internal Affairs Unit. Nationally, he has also been a leader with the Native American Law Enforcement Summit (NALES). Deputy Chief Halvorson will lead many of the internal aspects of the Department, including Training, Internal Affairs, Records Information, Property and Evidence, and the Community Service Officer Program.


Inspector Bill Peterson

Inspector Bill Peterson commands the MPD’s 1st Precinct which services the downtown Minneapolis area. It is bounded by the Mississippi River to the North and Northeast, Interstate 94 on the West and South and Plymouth Avenue North. The 1st Precinct is headquarters for Patrol Officers, Precinct Investigations, the Community Response Team and Community Crime Prevention/SAFE Teams in addition to the Mounted Patrol and Arson Units that provide citywide services. Inspector Peterson has served the citizens of Minneapolis since 1995. As an Officer he has worked in the 3rd Precinct, and the STOP Patrol Unit, and was a member of the MPD’s SWAT Unit for 10 years. Inspector Peterson was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2007 where he served as an investigator in the Robbery Unit. He was also a street supervisor in the 4th Precinct and a supervisor in the Special Operations Division. In 2015, Inspector Peterson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and was assigned to Pre-Service Training for two years where he oversaw the department’s Academy before transferring to the 1st Precinct where he has most recently served as the daywatch shift Lieutenant. Inspector Peterson has an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Northland Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science from St. Mary’s University.

Inspector Todd Loining

Inspector Loining

Todd Loining is the 2nd Precinct Inspector. He and his officers proudly serve the 19 neighborhoods that make up the Northeast section of Minneapolis. Inspector Loining joined the Minneapolis Police Department in 1993 as an officer in the 2nd Precinct. His career path took him through the Domestic Assault and Internal Affairs Units before he was named Inspector of the 5th Precinct in 2014.

Inspector Sean McGinty

Inspector Sean Mc Ginty commands the MPD’s 3rd Precinct which is the city's largest precinct geographically. Its service area is bounded by Interstate 35 W on the west, Interstate 94 on the north, the Mississippi River on the east and 62 nd Street on the south. The 3rd Precinct is headquarters for Patrol Officers, Precinct Investigations, the Community Response Team and Community Crime Prevention/SAFE Teams. Inspector Sean Mc Ginty began his career with the MPD in 1996. As an Officer he worked in the 4th Precinct and on the 4th Precinct Community Response Team. In 2006, Inspector Mc Ginty was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he worked as a street supervisor in the 3rd Precinct and as an investigator in the Robbery Unit. Inspector Mc Ginty was promoted to Lieutenant in 2013. He served as a patrol Lieutenant in both the 3rd and 4th Precincts before transferring to the Robbery Unit where he supervised Robbery investigators for 2 ½ years. Most recently, Inspector Mc Ginty served in the Strategic Information center since 2018. In addition to his regular duties, Inspector Mc Ginty has commanded the distinguished MPD Honor Guard since 2015. Inspector Mc Ginty has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement from Minnesota State - Mankato.

Inspector Kelvin Pulphus

As the 4th Precinct Inspector, Kelvin Pulphus continues the service he focused on while serving as the Lieutenant of the Procedural Justice Unit, the Community Engagement Team and the Community Navigators. These teams share the common goal and important work of increasing the trust between the MPD and the communities it serves by focusing on the way members of the MPD interact with the public. He began his career with the MPD in 1992 and has vast experience throughout the department.

Inspector Amelia Huffman

Inspector Amelia Huffman commands the 5th Precinct which encompasses the 20 neighborhoods in the southwest corner of the city. Huffman has a long history with the 5th Precinct, working there in her first assignment as a patrol officer, as a member of the Community Response Team and as a shift lieutenant. She brings a wealth of experience to this role. After joining the MPD in 1994, she rose through the ranks in a variety of assignments in the 3rd and 5th Precincts, investigations and administration. She served as an investigator in the Financial Crimes Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit, and Internal Affairs as well as the Public Information Officer and the commander of the Homicide and Licensing Units. She was promoted to the rank of Captain and commanded the Criminal Investigations Division before that rank was abolished in 2013.

Commander Scott Gerlicher

Commander Gerlicher

Scott Gerlicher is the Commander of the MPD’s Special Operation and Intelligence Division, which provides the Department with intelligence and analysis needed for the distribution of resources. Commander Gerlicher started with the MPD in 1993 in the 5th Precinct. His rise through the ranks included positions in the Homicide Unit and roles as the 3rd Precinct Inspector and the Deputy Chief in charge of the Office of Professional Standards.

Commander Chris Granger


As the MPD’s Quality Assurance Commander, Chris Granger oversees the Department’s Use of Force Policy and Body Worn Camera Program. He is also instrumental in conducting the MPD’s training audits. Granger comes to this role after being in charge of the Violent Crimes Investigations Division (VCID) since October of 2015. The VCID includes homicide, robbery, assault and weapons units as well as the Safe Streets Task Force and the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team. Granger started with the MPD in 1994 in the 5th Precinct; he has also held patrol and supervisor positions in the 4th Precinct. He was a member of the SWAT Team and the Homicide Unit prior to becoming the Commander tapped to head up the Internal Affairs Unit in 2013.

Commander Travis Glampe

DC Glampe

Travis Glampe was named the Commander of our new Technology & Support Services Division in 2017. He focuses on the integrity of the Department by overseeing a number of units including Business Technology, Internal Affairs, Property and Evidence, Crime Lab, Records Information, Backgrounds and the MPD Academy. Deputy Chief Glampe began his career with the MPD as a patrol officer in the 3rd Precinct in 1995.

Commander Charlie Adams


Charlie Adams is the Commander of our Violent Crimes Division (VCID). Previous to taking on this role, he was the Commander of the MPD’s Community and Collaborative Advancement Division. Commander Adams began his MPD career in 1987 and he’s served in 4 of the city’s 5 police precincts, the Juvenile Unit, the Homicide Unit and the Internal Affairs Unit. His brother, son and daughter are also proud members of the Minneapolis Police Department. As Commander of the VCID, Adams oversees a division which includes, but is not exclusive to, homicide, robbery, assault, and the Crime Lab.

Commander Jason Case

Jason Case oversees the Strategic Operations Division of the department. Previously, he oversaw the department's Violent Crimes Investigations Division (VCID). Prior to that role, he was the Commander in charge of the MPD’s Internal Affairs Division (IAD). Before that appointment, he served as the Commander leading the Leadership and Organizational Development Division (LODD). Commander Case started with the MPD in the 2nd Precinct in 1997, but also worked in the 3rd and 4th Precincts before he was appointed as a Commander in 2013.

Commander Katie Blackwell

Katie Blackwell is the Commander of the Training Unit and oversees the department’s In-Service Training, Academy, Field Training Officer (FTO) Program, and Leadership and Professional Development Programs.  She most recently served as a Lieutenant in the MPD’s Training Unit where she created and developed a comprehensive Leadership Course for recently promoted Sergeants and Lieutenants, restructured the FTO program and developed FTO Development Courses.  She began her career with the MPD as a Community Service Officer in 2000 and has served in different capacities throughout the department during that time.

Commander Giovanni Veliz

Commander Giovanni Veliz commands the Special Crimes Investigations Division (SCID) which includes the Domestic Assault Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit, Traffic Investigations, and Licensing Unit. He has been with the MPD since 1992 and as an Officer has worked in the 3rd Precinct, 4th Precinct, Drug Enforcement Agency Task Officer, Organized Crime Unit and the SAFE Unit. In 1998, Commander Veliz was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he worked in the SAFE Unit, 5th Precinct Community Response Team, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police, Mediation Compliance, 5th Precinct patrol supervisor and 5th Precinct Investigations. After being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2011, Commander Veliz served at the 3rd Precinct as a patrol Lieutenant, Property Crimes Unit and Juvenile Outreach and Diversion Unit. He also held the role of Executive Director for the Police Activities League and most recently served in the MPD’s new U-Visa Program. Commander Veliz is an alumni of the Northwestern Police Staff and Command School, alumni at the Senior Executive in State and Local Government at the Harvard Kennedy School and attended an executive program at Stanford Business School of Social Innovation. In addition, he is a 2016 Bush Fellowship recipient, he earned a Bachelor Science degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Police Leadership from Saint Thomas University and is a PhD candidate at Hamline University.

Commander Kim Lund

Commander Kim Lund was assigned to oversee the MPD’s Juvenile Unit in August of 2018. She began her MPD career in 1987 and has served in all of the city’s five police precincts. Before her most recent promotion, Lund was a Patrol Lieutenant in South Minneapolis (Third Precinct). While she has served the city as both an investigator and trainer, Lund has always been connected to Juvenile Outreach, Diversion and Investigation. The Commander has been a PAL Volunteer for years and has been a member of the Minnesota Juvenile Officers Association for 25 years, serving on the board and as the organization’s President twice. She is also on the board of the Minnesota Association of Women Police and is well-known as a national expert in counterfeit ticketing scams. Lund also remains a game day security leader for the National Basketball Association. Commander Lund holds a Bachelor of Science/Criminal Justice Degree from St. Mary’s University.

Commander Thomas Wheeler

Commander Thomas Wheeler commands the Internal Affairs (IA) Unit. He began his career with the MPD in 1993. As a patrol officer for 14 years in the 5th Precinct, he worked on the Nightwatch and Directed Patrol shifts and was also a member of the Precinct’s Community Response Team. In 2007, Commander Wheeler was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, he worked as an investigator in the Juvenile Unit, where he was also detailed as a Lieutenant. As a Sergeant, he also worked as an investigator in the Internal Affairs Unit. In addition to his regular duties, Commander Wheeler was also a member of the Mounted Patrol Unit for 5 years. Commander Wheeler was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015 where he was a shift Lieutenant in the 4th Precinct. He also worked as a Lieutenant in In-Service Training and the Internal Affairs Unit before being appointed the Commander of Internal Affairs. Commander Wheeler has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology of Law from the University of Minnesota.

Director Shannon Johnson

shannon 2

Shannon Johnson leads our accredited Crime Lab, a unit consisting of 9 sworn officers and 27 civilian staff members. The Minneapolis Police Department’s Crime Lab is one of only 5 accredited in the state of Minnesota. The cohesive team collects evidence, develops leads and works with investigators to solve crimes. The sections that make up our Lab include firearms, video, computer forensics (including cell phones), field operations, fingerprinting, photo lab and the forensic garage.  Johnson joined the crime lab in 2006 as a forensic scientist in the field operations unit.