Police Cadet

Police Cadet

**There are no current openings for Police Cadet, check back soon!**

Salary: $20.93 Hourly

Job Type: Full-time

Department: Police

Position Description:

Attends and successfully completes a program in law enforcement with a department authorized institution for the purpose of meeting the academic and technical skills requirements of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board.

  • Cadets hired will be promoted to Police Officer upon successful completion of the P.O.S.T. Board academic, skills requirements, completion of academy and successfully meet the academy fitness standards.
  • Cadets hired must commit to three years of employment with the Minneapolis Police Department following their promotion to Police Officer or pay back, on a pro-rated basis, the costs of the tuition paid by the department for the academic training and/or the skills course.
  • Failure to successfully complete the Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam and meet the academy fitness standards at the end of academy may result in termination.

Supplemental documents will not be accepted by email, fax or in person. All documents must be uploaded and submitted with your on-line application by the deadline. These documents will not be accepted by email, fax or in-person.

Information Session (optional):
The Minneapolis Police Department has prepared a detailed information session which you are highly encouraged to attend. Attendance is optional for all applicants or potential applicants. Registration is NOT required. Each session will last up to 1.5 hours. We will highlight and discuss the following:

  • Application process and educational requirements
  • Fitness Exam details
  • Background Investigation information
  • Oral Exam expectations
  • Medical, psychological, and drug & alcohol testing
  • Cadet Academy and Education Program

Fitness Familiarization Session (optional):
New this year, an opportunity to receive hands-on practice with the fitness components. You are highly encouraged to attend. Attendance is optional for all applicants or potential applicants. Registration is NOT required.

Required Qualifications:

Must be at least 18 years of age.


An associate's or bachelor's degree awarded prior to July 30, 2018 in any field from a regionally accredited college or university is required.


  • Must have and maintain a valid driver's license that is accepted by the State of Minnesota by July 30, 2018.
  • Applicants must NOT have taken and passed the Minnesota Board of P.O.S.T. licensing exam or other state equivalent before July 30, 2018.
  • Applicant cannot be, or ever have been, licensed as a police officer in any state.
  • Failure to successfully complete the Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam at the end of the academy may result in termination.

State Requirements:

Must not have a felony conviction.

Fitness Qualifications:

Must complete fitness entrance exam as established by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for consideration in moving forward in the hiring process. Employees will also be expected to pass Academy fitness standards set by the MPD to graduate from the Academy.


Vision no poorer than 20/100 without correction in the poorer eye; correctable to 20/40 in both eyes. Ability to distinguish the colors red, yellow and green.


Possess standard hearing average threshold without correction or no worse than a 40-decibel loss on the average at 500, 1,000 and 3,000 Hertz frequencies in the better ear.


Must be deemed medically and psychologically fit and successfully pass a drug and alcohol screening prior to hire.

Selection Process and Dates:

Any one or any combination of an evaluation of related education/experience/screening question responses, fitness exam, oral exam, etc. may be utilized. It is to an applicant's advantage to be as thorough in the online application as possible.

Applications and resumes are screened for completeness and requirements. The City of Minneapolis reserves the right to select and limit the number of candidates at any point in the exam process, based on a review of application materials. Qualified candidates, as determined by Human Resources, will be invited to the fitness exam.

The fitness entrance exam is tentatively scheduled for August 8, 2018. Qualified candidates will be notified by email to self-schedule. Candidates must attend and complete all components of the fitness entrance exam.

The fitness entrance standards are:

  • Vertical Jump (13 inches)
  • 300 Meter Run (82 Seconds)
  • Bench Press (102 lbs. or 60% of your body weight) OR Push Ups (20)
  • Sit Ups (25)
  • 1.5 Mile Run (15 Minutes 44 Seconds)

Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule a background investigation, conducted by MPD, which may take up to three months to complete.

Qualified candidates will be notified by email to self-schedule for the oral exam, which is tentatively scheduled for November 26-28, 2018.

The eligible list is established by Human Resources after all testing components are completed.

Conditional offers are contingent upon successfully passing pre-employment exams.

Final offers are made inviting candidates to the Cadet Academy which is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, February 19, 2019.

Candidates unable to complete any portion of this process will not be eligible to move on in the hiring process.


For more information about this position and the Minneapolis Police Department: http://insidempd.com/help-mpd/get-involved/police-cadet/

For more information on P.O.S.T. requirements: https://dps.mn.gov/entity/post/becoming-a-peace-officer/Pages/default.aspx