5-500 Specialty Unit Procedures

5-500 Specialty Unit Procedures



This section outlines procedures that may be utilized by MPD Specialty Units. Units include but are not limited to Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).

5-502 CHEMICAL MUNITIONS (10/16/02)

Chemical munitions shall only be used by trained Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) personnel on the orders of the on-duty Watch Commander or SWAT Commander. (08/16/07)

When chemical munitions are used, the Fire Department and an ambulance will be on standby at a safe distance near the target area. After the scene is secured, SWAT team members shall remove and dispose of any canisters in the area. (8/16/07)


Diversionary/Distraction devices will only be distributed by and used under the authority of the SWAT Commander or designee, who will make a decision about the use of such a device on a case by case basis. Diversionary/distraction devices shall be MPD approved. The SWAT Commander or designee shall distribute and supervise the use of the devices. (08/16/07)

Only personnel trained in the use of these devices shall deploy them. Department approved training shall include the nomenclature, mechanical operation, and tactical deployment of Diversionary/Distraction devices. All members of SWAT shall also be trained by the Minneapolis Fire Department in the use of dry chemical fire extinguishers. Emphasis will be placed upon safety considerations/measures to be utilized when using these tools. (08/16/07)

When the device is used, one member of the entry team shall carry a dry chemical extinguisher for use in the event of a fire.