K9 Unit


The Minneapolis Police Canine Unit serves the citizens and law enforcement officers of Minneapolis and the surrounding community. The goal of the Canine Unit is to make police work safer and more efficient for the men and women who patrol the streets through the use of specially trained canines and handlers.

The Canine Unit is made up of two sergeants and fifteen officers, totaling seventeen canine teams.  Fourteen of the teams are trained as patrol canines.  Eleven of those patrol teams are also narcotic detector certified and three of the patrol teams are explosive detector certified.  The unit has two qualified tracking bloodhounds, an ATF certified single-purpose explosive detector canine and a certified single-purpose narcotic detector canine.

The purchase of canines and equipment is supported in part by the Minneapolis Police Canine Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to bring financial help to the unit and to provide help educating the community about police canine work.  For more information about the foundation or how to make a donation, please call 612-673-5942.