Sergeant Katie Blackwell


Sergeant Blackwell is one of the Minneapolis Police Department’s proud military heroes. Currently, she’s working in MPD’s Assault Unit. She was transferred shortly after leading officers on a downtown manhunt for a rapist who had assaulted women in parking ramps. It didn’t take long for her First Precinct Team to catch their suspect after some “heads up” police work. A few years ago, she met a homeless man named David after he helped the MPD track down some robbery suspects. In 2015, David ran into Sgt. Blackwell and explained he couldn’t find housing for himself and his fiancée because they weren’t married, and didn’t have the money to get married. Sgt. Blackwell also happens to be an ordained minister so she married them and helped them find the housing they were desperately seeking. It was a story that garnered international media attention. Katie also represented the Department as a celebrity chef at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show. She truly exemplifies the Chief’s direct order to connect with the community!